Why Australia?

Compared to the other limited options for learning English abroad namely the US, Canada, England, Ireland & New Zealand, Australia simply has better weather, better beaches, more relaxed culture & most importantly some of the highest unskilled wages in the world. As of 09/11/2022, the federal minimum wage for a casual employee is a little under $26AUD per hour (that’s about $325 pesos per hour or roughly 20 times the minimum wage in México)

Sydney & Melbourne the 2 largest cities in Australia both located on the east coast, frequently rank in the top 3 ‘most liveable’ cities in the world index for the past 2 decades.

When can I apply for a visa to Australia?

If you didn’t know, Australia had some of the strictest borders controls in place during to the COVID-19 pandemic. However with relatively low cases numbers and the broad rollout of the vaccination program all borders have been RE-OPENED and will remain so.

International students represent the 3rd largest industry of the Australian economy behind services & finance and ahead of mining.

When should I start planning?

If you are seriously considering studying English or any another form of higher education in Australia, it’s best to start planning 3-6 months in advance. Why is that? You will need to find a school, obtain a student visa, purchase flights and ensure you have sufficient finances to fund the initial part of your study abroad.

Can Original Agency Co point me in the right direction with my application & finding the right, course, school, city, work & accommodation?

Yes, absolutely we can assist you in this adventure of a life time. just shoot us an email to [email protected]

Want more information?

Sure, just email Adam (English/Inglés) or Angie (Spanish/Español) on [email protected] and we can answer any questions you have, point you in the right direction or just have a chat about your options. We will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. We know from experience, one of our founders, Angie studied English abroad numerous times in Europe.

Find out more information on the border status here